Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts

This weekend started off like any other weekend-with the exception of Irene creeping it's way towards the coast.

Friday night we went to a going away party for our close friend Chad who is a military officer and is being deployed for his second tour of Afghanistan very soon. His wife is also 36 weeks pregnant with their second child and we are hoping he will still be here when she delivers! Extra prayers for their family are welcomed!
Saturday morning my alarm went off at 4--17 mile run scheduled for the day--that didn't happen. It was extremely windy and rainy. Thank you Irene. So, instead, we enter my very first YOGA experience.
We have a new Yoga studio downtown called Hapi Balance. To be honest, I've never thought yoga was a real workout and that it was typically for sissies who didn't like to sweat. Well, folks, i was totally WRONG! I was pouring sweat and I learned quickly that yoga was H-A-R-D!
I am so bad at stretching after running so I welcomed these poses to relieve my sore muscles. I actually liked loved the class and the instructor was so knowledgable! I will definitely be heading back to Hapi Balance soon. There is no membership fee and all classes are $5! Get this...she also does deep tissue massages for $15 for 15 minutes! SCORE!

No, I cannot quite do this pose yet, but the instructor did it like it was nobody's business!  Maybe one day!

I met two runners Saturday at 1 for what I thought was going to be an 8 mile run but that didn't happen. I was tired and didn't feel that great. (Yoga did make me dizzy once or twice). So I did 3 miles and called it quits!

Saturday night we headed to the beach to go to a JTB & AB's Housewarming party. We got to see their new house for the first time. It was beautiful and even equipped with an outside kitchen and lounge area. JTB did a wonderful job picking everything out and designing her new home!
CML & CL were in town and I hadn't seen them since our wedding and it was so great to get everyone together!

Saturday night we got back home pretty late and my alarm was set for 4am to meet the girls to try again for our 17 miler. Epic FAIL! I turned the alarm clock off and didn't open my eyes again until it was time for church. SO...no long run for me this weekend. I felt lazy and slack not to mention the nasty yummy party food I consumed Friday night and Saturday night. So I had to do some sort of exercise even though Sundays are usually reserved for rest days. 
Enter Crossfit!
My running buddy is a personal trainer/crossfit certified instructor and she has been trying to get me to try it out for a while now. So, LKV and I headed to Competitve Edge to try out the free class they offer on Sundays.

Workout: Warmup- .25 mile run, 10 lunges, 5 burpees, arm stretches using long pipe bar
                Workout- AMAP (As many as possible) in 12 minutes:
                                 -5 wall balls
                                 -5 burpees
                                 -100 yd shuffle
Ummm hello intensity!! It was a lot harder than it looked, let me tell you! But, it was fast, intense, and got my heart pumping like crazy! I was sweating up a storm and I was only 2 minutes into the workout! I LOVED IT.
Needless to say I think Crossfit is the perfect workout for me to mix in with my running. I lack the strength traning that I need and I have gotten too set in my running routine-That is about all I do. The membership is quite pricey, but I think it is worth it! Crossfit, here I come! I will keep you posted!

(Praying for all my blogger buddies who endured Irene this weekend. We got a little wind and some rain and that was it-we got lucky. Thinking of all of you as you recover!)