Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cloudy, Rainy Saturday

4am Wake up call this morning; 5:15 start time with the girls

17 miles complete in 2 hours, 48 minutes- 9:53 pace
SO glad that is over and I can get on with my weekend full of plans laying on the couch reading and watching tv!!

This morning when we began our run it looked like this...
We laughed at each other because we are so scared we are going to step on a snake which turns out to be a stick or a dead animal which turns out to be a toddler car seat. You just never know...
As soon as I drove into my driveway after the run, it began looking a little like this...

Although I did not do any swimming this morning, I looked like I had just swam in my clothes and gotten out of the water when I finished my run. Holy clothes sticking to me like crazy! I love to sweat though, don't yall?!? It gives me a sense of accomplishment, like I actually did something! (Well, I did do something; I ran 17 miles!)
Thank goodness!! It was a tough run, I'm not gonna lie. I felt heavy for some reason--Maybe because of the ice-cream I ate last night?!?  Now, I am going to enjoy the rain while I sit on the couch and maybe wash a load of clothes or two in the meantime--gotta love wifey duties.

Happy Saturday loves,