Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A few new additions to the family...

And no, this does not mean people or animals sadly. I am still trying to convince the husband that he better get me a puppy to tide me over before I really start having baby fever!! :) He just ignores me. Sigh...

Instead of a breathing addition, we have added a few additions in the form of home decor!! 

The first project was cornice boards for our kitchen window and two doors that we have right off our kitchen! 

Tada!! The other two are similar, just smaller!

Sorry for the ugly trash can and minimal decor! We now have a monogrammed candle displayed on our little kitchen table!

Another addition was my $9 lampshades from Home Goods and $3 ugly gold lamp bases that my SIL helped me find at a thrift store! I sprayed them a neutral tan color! They look super cute! Sorry, I haven't had time to take a pic!

Next up.....a KING SIZED BED!! Yes, we have only been married 87 days and we already decided that if we are going to get any sleep at all, we NEED a king sized bed! :) 

Trying it out! Excuse the messiness, we are doing a bedroom redo and trying to get rid of all of my plastic drawers that I've used since college. {They are no longer acceptable furniture!}

I have ordered fabric and a new navy comforter and my very handy husband is going to build me a headboard that we are going to wrap with fabric!! Navy, green, and yellow are the colors we are going with!