About Me


Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! I am a twenty-something thirty-something healthy running gal who started this blog to keep up with the craziness that I call life. I am a 2011 graduate of the University of South Carolina with my Educational Specialist Degree in School Counseling. I married my best friend on May 21, 2011! On February 2, 2015, we were blessed with a precious little girl, Anna Reaves. I wanted a place to share my thoughts and feelings as I make quite a few big transitions in my life! I also love to share my passion with running and being healthy! This blog is a great way to keep up with my love for running as well as to share it with others and hopefully inspire someone along the way!

I have always had a love for sports and I played softball, volleyball, and basketball in high school. I grew up playing softball and being a part of a team meant everything to me! Running use to be a punishment for me, something I absolutely HATED! I had to run if I missed practice, made an error in a game, or made a bad grade ( thank goodness I didn't make very many bad grades!). Now, I look at running as a part of my life! I have embraced it and what it has done for me physically, mentally, and socially! Running is no longer a punishment and I look forward to sharing my running adventures with my friends, family, and the blog community!!

I am a lover of anything pink and green, bows, glitter, sweet smells, lululemon, my family and friends, quest bars, coffee, steamed vegetables, smoothies, and an occasional weekly daily glass of Riesling or Moscato D' asti. I am also a girlie girl who loves to spend long days relaxing on the beach with a good book and a margarita in hand!

Please feel free to email me with questions, comments, concerns, or positive feedback! I am in hopes to get this blog going strong and be able to share in the blogging community!

You can reach me at itsabeautifulthingthislife@gmail.com or on Twitter at It's a Beautiful Thing, This Life of Ours!!