Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Palmetto Half Marathon Race Recap

Saturday, April 14 I headed ran the Palmetto Half Marathon in Columbia, SC. I signed up to run this race with my friend M but due to some calf issues she ended up not running and another friend took her spot. 

My alarm went off at 4am. I drank 1/4 cup of coffee and met S by 5:00 and we were off. The drive to the race was right at an hour. We gave ourselves plenty of time to get their and get our things and make a bathroom stop (or two). The race started at 7:00 sharp! 

We got their and there was plenty of parking and everything was very well organized! Columbia always knows how to put on a great racing event. This race is in it's 3rd year and has continued to grow! There were close to 1,000 runners who ran the half marathon.

I wasn't sure what to expect for this race. I hadn't raced a half since last October. I knew I had been racing well lately so I didn't set any real goals for myself but just to go out and have a good run and that is exactly what I did.

The weather was absolutely perfect for this race. We couldn't have asked for any better weather for running!

Here is a breakdown of my half:
Mile 1- 7:36

Official chip time = 1: 38: 43

New PR by close to 10 minutes!

#67 out of 932 runners

#12 out of 521 females

3rd place in the 25-29 age group

Thank you God for another absolutely beautiful day for a race!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our First Easter

We had a wonderful first married Easter together. We began our morning with breakfast sandwiches and coffee while we got ready for church along with a little love from the baby! We headed to church and then afterwards we came back to our house with my sister and took a few pictures while waiting on my parents to get out of Sunday school. 

We headed to their house and visited for a while, ate a few sweets, took some more pictures, and then we were off to the husbands' grandmother's  house for lunch.

We got home from lunch and spent some time with the baby before going over to my aunt's for a wonderful easter dinner! Needless to say, I was tired of eating! PS- My aunt and uncle are caterers for a living and have up until recently had their own restaurant that was very well known in our area. What does that mean? That means my family can COOK! Well, everyone except for me that is ( oh yeah, and my sister too). 

We finished dinner and went and picked up the baby and headed back to my parents to rest and watch the Amazing Race together. It was a wonderful day!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A new number..

This morning I attended a beginner's crossfit class to learn the 9 foundational movements. 

I stayed after the class to my first actual wod. I did do one several months ago. It was amrap in 7 minutes of ground to overhead press and I was able to pick my weight. I started pretty low so I could get the hang of it.

Then, amrap in 5 minutes of hand stand pushups. Yeah. Right. I did the modified version and still sucked at it! But hey, that is why I am doing crossfit. I know I do not do enough strength training in my weekly routine so it is time to amp it up!

I enjoyed it. So many of my friends do crossfit and they have been peer pressuring me to join for a long time and I finally gave in!

So, while I was waiting around for the class to start I spotted a scale. 

I have been meaning to weigh myself when I go to the gym but the scale is in the back of the locker room and I always forget! Just out of curiously, I hopped on it! 

O-M-G! Did I just read that right?! I am down 5 lbs from the last time I weighed and I couldn't be happier!

I tend to put on weight when marathon training so I decided to take advantage of this time and get some of this "marathon weight" off. Who would have thunk it? Marathon = gain weight...Really?! 

I have been calorie counting, cutting out carbs late in the day, amping up my intake of veggies, and splurging when necessary! :) (Easter candy is definitely a weakness of mine, FYI.)

This little baby has been my lifesaver! I have NEVER counted calories until I started using this app on my phone. Wow, I never knew how fast calories added up. My habit of grazing is not a good one!  I have learned a lot by calorie counting and I do think it is extremely important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle! My name on myfitnesspal is BrittLizz1102! Add me!!

That's all I got for today! Happy Hump Day!!,