Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Thing Friday

1. I was super excited when my Rue La La package came in the mail yesterday!!  I LOVE getting packages! My delivery person probably thinks I am crazy and I have problems. I scored this beautiful Lilly Pulitzer Wayless Dress for a AH-MAZING deal!
2. My birthday was a little over a month ago and my Mom gave me a B. Makowsky bag that I think she loved more than I did. I told her she could keep it and she just gave me a little dough to use when I found a bag I loved! Well, I ordered one from Neiman Marcus' clearance site called Last Call. It came yesterday and I can't wait to use it!!

3.Today, so far, I have been totally lazy! I did not get up early to run as usual and I didn't eat breakfast until 8:30 or after which is way too late! I've been sitting in my our new king bed and reading blogs all morning!! That is totally okay, right?!?! :) I think I might go to the pool in a little while to catch some rays.

4. I live in a fairly small town but it is growing daily. There really is nowhere to shop for good organic healthy foods around here and we don't have any really neat specialty stores. I am wanting so bad to make a trip to Charlotte to go to IKEA and Trader Joe's. My friend is getting married in September in Charleston so maybe we can hit up their new TJ's while we are there!

5. A lot of the running and healthy living bloggers that I read have been talking about the Healthy Living Summit in Philly this weekend. I am interested in reading more about what the HLS is all about!

Oh and I know I am a new bloggie with not many readers but I wanted to go ahead and do my Gotein giveaway. Only 3 people have entered so far, so come on yall!! The odds are great for this one!! :) I am going to extend the date on the giveaway!!
To enter, GO HERE!

Happy Friday lovies,