Friday, May 20, 2011

Big tents and one beautiful space

Wow, tomorrow is the big day! Don't have much time so this is going to have to be short and sweet! This week has been pretty calm up until yesterday. BRAVO delivered the tents, tables, chairs, and paper lanterns to the Yarborough's yesterday. I started my day yesterday at 5am to be in Darlington for an interview. After that, I went and got mom and sis, and we headed to the Yarborough's to help out. Chastity came out to the house to look at the space and show us the portrait and guestbook (LOVE)! Then for me, it was off to get nails done, toes done, and have a massage! (Thank you very much to soon to be sis-in-law! After all of that pampering, we headed back the Yarborough's to make sure everything was in its right place. We also had to go to P-Co to pick up 55-dozen awesome monogrammed cookies for the candy table (SO yummy). Then, it was back to the Yarborough's to meet with the Starks to talk about the flowers. WHOA, yesterday was long and tiring. Sorry, no pictures, it was just too busy to even worry about a camera! I am SO LUCKY to be joining such an amazing family and I can't thank them enough for letting us have our reception in their backyard! It felt so special to be setting up for this event in such a familiar area, one that we cherish and spend lots of time at! =)
 I didn't sleep too good last night for some reason so I am still feeling a little tired today. I will be missing everyone while I am gone, but I will catch up when I get back from the honeymoon!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Organic goodies...

Excited to share that I won my first Giveaway since starting my blog! I won the Amy's giveaway hosted by Amanda at Run to the Finish! <---Check her out, she is an amazing runner! I received 4 coupons for any Amy's products, a new market tote, and a brochure and cute little congrats note! Thank you both for the awesome giveaway!

Today is errands day. Mom is off and we are meeting with the church wedding director, stopping by the salon, maybe headed to the pool to get a little sun, packing, packing, and more packing! =)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Going to the chapel

Wow! 5 days left on the countdown! I can remember back on December 25, 2009 when I made the countdown, there were 485 days to go. How in the world do we only have 5 days left?! AHH! We have been waiting for this day since September 7, 2006 when we went on our first date!

This morning I woke up knowing I wanted to get a good run in. I thought about maybe 5 miles would be good. Then, I decided to truck on over to the hilliest neighborhood in our town to do hill repeats. Well, my thoughts were just a flowing so my 5 mile run ended up being a 10 mile run with 6 miles being hill repeats. What an awesome way to calm down the wedding week jitters!! I did 10 miles in 1:35, averaging about a 9:31 per mile pace! Not too shabby after a 13 miler on Saturday!

This weekend was busy, but fun! We opted out of Charlie's work (GE) family day event at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. They were also going to be tubing down the Saluda River. I hate that we missed it, but we felt we needed this weekend to get organized. I did attent my BFF from high school's wedding shower and that was fun. It is always good to see friends I don't get to see everyday! Wow, and then I will see them all again this weekend, horahhh!!

My poor daddy thought his birthday (May 18) was going to get overlooked this year! But, we had him a get-together last night with family to celebrate! Pizza, lemon cake, and sherbert ice-cream to go along with the shabang! (Another reason why I ran 10 miles today! :) We took a few pics but I am being lazy and not putting them on my computer right now. It's okay for me to feel lazy about that sort of thing this week, right?!

What I am loving today is anything nautical! Hince my navy and white stripped shirt and yellow skirt I wore to the shower on Saturday!
Happy Day yall!!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today marks the 1 week point! Time has passed very quickly and we are so very excited!! I did my last long run this morning with the girls for a few weekends. I am going to enjoy the rest, relaxation, and rejuvination while in Jamaica. Hopefully upon returning, I will be ready to go again!

We are returning from our honeymoon May 28, probably around 11 or so at night. There is a Memorial Day 10k and 5k sponsored by St. Anthony's Catholic Church on that following Monday (Memorial Day). I registrered for this race last year but couldn't do it because of work. I want to do it, but will I be able to handle it?! I have NO idea if I will run in Jamaica and if I run, how much I will run?!

SO, I am debating registering, but I HATE registering for a race last minute. Yall know, we all run for the t-shirts, right?! I hate the thought of running and not getting a shirt. =) We will see! I am only planning on taking 3 running outfits to Jamaica-frankly, that is all I have room for!

UPDATE: I am still somewhat CALM! I will do a few more updates if I have time next week, but im thinking the freak-out may start come Tuesday when Mom's vacation from work starts and we spend way too much time together getting everything ready. Man, I love her, but she stresses!!!!

Its a beatiful day friends, enjoy every minute of it!

Beautiful hydrangeas-my wedding flower= LOVE!


Friday, May 13, 2011

How much longer...

can I continue to be calm, cool, and collected? Throughout this whole wedding planning proccess I think I have done a pretty good job of staying calm and relaxed despite roadblocks along the way.
I am now almost 9 days away from one of the biggest events in my life and I don't know how much longer this feeling of being "calm" is going to last!!!

There is so much to do last minute that can't be done before hand. Thank goodness for my future sis-in-law who graciously gave me a day at the spa that I am so looking forward to next week! Though before the spa, I have, you guessed it, ANOTHER JOB INTERVIEW. Please pray for me that my mind will be in tact and able to concentrate on doing well in the interview. I will have to say that is not good timing, but oh well!

Today, my wedding day will be on the 10 day extended weather I look or do I not?!?! I am so nervous about rain, yet I know it is totally out of my control!

On the agenda for tomorrow is marriage liscence and our second and probably last counseling session with our pastor.

Oh and let's not mention that in a week and two days I will be getting on airplane for the first time ever!

Saying lots of prayers!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

All graduated and stuff

Sooo, this past weekend was a whirlwind of events! Saturday morning I got up bright and early at 5:15. Met three wonderful girls at 6:30 for a 13 mile run! I hadn't been 13 miles in quite a few weeks and I was nervous I would have some difficulty. I made it with an average of 9:45 pace, which isn't great, but hey 13 miles is 13 miles!
Then the fam and I headed to Colatown for graduation. I now have some letters behind my name and it feels pretty cool! I am a proud Gamecock alumni! Go Cocks, Forever to the! Now its just hoping I get that job i've interviewed for 3 TIMES!
Sunday we celebrated all of the mothers in our family. First, Charlie's mother and grandmother at lunch, then a trip to the country to celebrate with his other grandmother and finally a mexican fiesta for dinner with my mom and grandmother. I forgot my camera so no pics of mothers day, but overall it was a wonderful day to give thanks to a few very special people in our lives!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Thing Friday

Okay, So I am still new to the whole blogging world, but I have had so much fun reading the blogs that I have come across! A lot of bloggers do different themes, which is very neat, so here goes my first "Five Thing Friday"!!

1. I started packing for my honeymoon two weeks ago. I know, I wanted everything I took to be brand new, so I have a big stash of stuff that is in the "can't be worn until the honeymoon" pile. So I figured I would go ahead and start packing! Well, I left my suitcase open the other day, and this is what I found...
Cute little Cami girl wants to go to Jamaica with us!

2. Um yeah, with all this wedding hoopla, I seem to keep overlooking the fact that I am GRADUATING TOMRROW!! Woop Woop! I will officially be a graduate of the University of South Carolina Graduate School with my Educational Specialist Degree in Counselor Education

3. Last night, Char and I drove to Columbia for my Cohort's Graduation dinner at Mellow Mushroom in the Vista! It was so much fun to celebrate with everyone. Congrats yall!!

4. It is almost Mother's Day and I love my Mom so much. Without her, this wedding would not be planned to a T! She has helped so much while I have been busy busy busy with grad school! Thanks Mom! You are the best!!

5. Ok, so you all know I have a shopping problem. Since graduate school is over and I lost my job at Handpicked bc it closed, I made the ultimate decision to head back to Express during the summer while I look for a counseling job in the schools. WHAT A MISTAKE! All I do at work is shop, shop, shop and help other people shop!! I knew going back to work there, I would not make any money because I would spend it all there, but thats okay, I love the summer whites and tans that are in right now. We got an extra discount today, so here is what i purchased!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The day started off dreary and rainy, but now the sun is shinning and it is a little cooler today than it has been. I am debating another run outdoors or my weekly spin class tonight. Hmm. In the meantime, here are a few things I am loving this week!
I just got my first pair of TOMS=LOVE!

I am addicted to these, I have been finding them at TJ Maxx. I think it is the crunchy, salty taste mixed with the hotness from the wasabi. Gotta be careful because they can clear your sinuses in a heartbeat!

I am LOVING these Sperry Topsider Wedges! A summer must-have!
Love these Express shorts! Love the silk material and the bow!
*17 days until THE BIG DAY! Today I am dreaming of and obsessing Jamaica and I cannot wait to be there!!*
Happy Wednesday!! 


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

What a fun and interested weekend. I headed down to the beach late Friday afternoon with Lauren, Kelsey, and Sara. Lauren, K, and I ran the Tanger Outlets Fit for Families 5k on Saturday morning. It is so much fun to get to run and be with friends at the same time! I finished in 25.22, not my best of course, but still finished 2nd overall female. Kelsey also won 1st place in her agegroup but we all did great and they gave out metals to everyone. We had to run 3 1/2 times around the Tanger Outlets. Retracing steps in a race can be a bit boring sometimes, but it actually wasn't too bad. I did get lapped by the top few males and that was a motivator to say the least. How do they do it?!?!

My winnings-a case of water, a second (much bigger) metal, and a shopping bag full of goodies!

We all got a bag full of coupons to tanger so we decided we needed to shop. We went to Tanger on 17 and made a trip to BR and JCrew, Lauren and I's new favorite places to shop when at the beach! I was terribly excited bc the shorts I bought were a size 6 and i had to buy a size 4 skirt! WHOA...I have never worn a size 4 EVER! Thank you running addiction for that!
Saturday night was my imfamous bachelorette party! After shopping, we layed on the beach for a while, then headed to the hotel accross from Broadway where Jen was busy setting things up. We had pizza, chips, dip, and my aunts famous cake then they had me a lingere shower! After that, we had a Party Gals party. Now that was interesting and a ton of fun! It went kinda sour from there when we all went out to Broadway. I won't get into it, but it didn't turn out exactly as I had wanted. But, it is over, and for the most part, I had a wonderful weekend!

 The only group picture I got, and this was only half of us. Kind of sad I didnt get a whole big group picture.