Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 So I became pretty disappointed this morning. I ran two miles, did a one hour spin class, 15 minutes of weights, and some core exercises only to get on the scale and see a number that I did not like. U-G-H.

I've never been one to really watch my weight or step on the scale every day. I always liked to judge it by how I felt--well friends, I feel kinda gross and miserable right about now! Weight fluctuates, it just does. Depending on your water intake, time of the day, and other factors, your weight can fluctuate 2-3 lbs. This was not just a daily fluctuation, this was the result of three weeks worth of vacationing, eating sweets, and not being as conscious as I should about what I am putting in my mouth. I mean seriously who runs 30 miles while on vacation and still gains weight?! (UMM, apparently ME!) I have to confess, I have been using my running as an excuse to eat whatever my little heart desires and it is not working out in my favor.

I am seriously hoping I have put on a pound or two of muscle somewhere in there!

With the peak running season looming, I want to be fit and ready as I start racing again! (Have I mentioned that I am dying to race!!--I haven't done a race since my bachelorette party at the end of April!--I am missing it soooo much!!)

MY GOAL--Get back down into the 140's before my first race of the fall season!

Cheers to 5am wakeup calls, 4 short runs during the week and 1 long run with the girls on Saturdays, lots of fruits, lots of veggies, lots of chicken, weekly spin class and weights, and a lot TON less sugar!! :)

What keeps you going and motivates you to get "back on track"?