Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Quick Catch up

I have been running since August of 2009 when I signed my name on the interest sheet for the half-marathon at the Florence YMCA. I don't really have any records of my times execpt on my saved race bibs that I've started collecting. So, here it goes. A quick catch up of my race history up until present! Enjoy!


SC Pecan Festival Half Marathon- November 6, 2010- 1:49:45- 1st in 20-29 Age group

Myrtle Beach Mini (Half) Marathon- October 24, 2010- 1:56:23

Independence Day 8k at Market Commons-Myrtle Beach, SC- July 3, 2010- 42.27

1st Annual Race 4 Taylor 5k- May 14, 2010- 26. 18- 1st in 20-29 Age group

Charleston, SC Cooper River Bridge Run 10k- March, 27, 2010- can't find results

Mcleod Health 10k at Briggs Elementary School- 52.24- 3rd Overall Female Finisher

Trinity Collegiate School Titan Trot 5k- March 6, 2010- 25.19- 2nd in 19-29 Age group

Myrtle Beach Half-Marathon- February 13, 2010- SNOWED OUT


Friends of the Florence Museum 5k- November, 14, 2009-25.35- 4th Overall Female, 1st in Age group

SC Pecan Festival Run Like a Nut 10k-November, 6, 2009- 51:44:35- 1st in Age group

Florence Family YMCA Half-Marathon- October, 31, 2009- 1:58:20

Polar Bear 5k Trail Run- Held each January and Sponsored by my church, Central United Methodist
  2005- 37.32- 4th in 20-29 Age group
  2006- 37.25- 5th in 20-29 Age group
  2007- 32.40- 1st in 20-29 Age group
  2008- 31.17- 4th in 20-29 Age group
  2009- 29.39- 3rd in 20-29 Age group
  2010- 26.40- 3rd in 20-29 Age group

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Finally got to...

run my first half-marathon!! I was registered to run the Half-Marathon in Myrtle Beach in February of 2010, and it was cancled due to snow (a definite first and probably last time that it will snow in Myrtle Beach!). The Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon was a great race! It was the inaugural race and everything was so well organized and put together! I finished in 1:56:23! A new PR for me!

On the other hand, I just registered for my very last class of my E.d. S. degree! Whoohoo. It really is a feeling of bittersweet. I am so ready to be done with school and get a job, yet I am going to miss being in school, the friends that I have met, and the atmosphere and comradere of the University of South Carolina! I can't wait to start my career!

This weekend is my second half-marathon of the season! I am running the Pecan Festival Half Marathon in Florence. I am exited about the local race and being with all of my running friends in our area! This weekend is also Charlie's Pig Pickin weekend; the Hewitt's anual family reunion weekend. I am excited to spend the weekend with my soon to be family!

Oh yeah....199 days to go!!! I can hear those wedding bells!!