Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends!!

We had a great weekened, it was busy as usual, but we are use to it and kinda like it that way! Friday we did our normal dinner at Stefano's with our families. My parents had to go to a rehersal dinner so they were absent, but the in-laws and sisters were there and we had a good dinner!
Saturday I got up at 5:30...yes, I did say 5:30 and I am probably crazy! I met a few girls, i mean awesome runners, and one pretty fast dude at Competitve Edge at 6:30am for a 13 mile run around good ole Flo-town! Average pace was 9:52, not great, but still trying to work on building endurance before we start increasing our mileage!
I came home, made breakfast, had coffee, jumped in the shower, and off to Belk I went with mom to do some exchanging and purchasing! We had a big todo with Belk because I registered a year ahead of time and the stemware I registered for was discontinued and we didn't find out until a few weeks before the wedding, and I had already gotten a few wine and tea glasses. I loved this pattern and didnt want to change so Belk ordered it from for me and we are still waiting on a quite a few pieces to come in!
So pretty!
Saturday night we had a wedding to go to! My longtime friend Kristen married William and it was a beautiful wedding. Kristen and I grew up in church together, went to school together, sang in the choir together, and played softball together. Our parents are great friends as well and we had so much fun celebrating with Kristen and William. Kristen and her family celebrated with us during our wedding and we enjoyed them there. Kristen and I also talked a lot during our wedding planning period since we were getting married so close together and at the same church!
Congrats Kristen and William! We wish you all the best!

Our first wedding as old married people

Me and my cute little mama

My fashionista husband and dad

Sunday we went to church at 9, making our first appearance since being at the church for the wedding. We got many congrats from all of our church family! Then we came home, cleaned up the house a bit, and then headed to lunch with the in-laws and family. Charlie's moms side of the family get together for lunch every single Sunday! What an awesome tradition to have. It is a time that I look forward to every week because it is the time we get to spend with his grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family each week! We usually have some pretty good grub too I might add!
After lunch we went grocery shopping and headed back home to pull out our new ice-cream maker! I forgot to take pics, but we had strawberry ice-cream that was organic, fat-free, and sugar-free and guess what...IT TASTED GOOD! We can't wait to try out a few more recipes!

One last note...I love to procrastinate! I am like a pro at it kinda like how Michael Jordan is a pro at basketball! I want to blog so bad about all of the wedding festivities and the honeymoon, but there is just so much to say and so may pictures to share that I don't even know where to begin! I will get to it soon, I promise!