Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Thing Thursday

1. Last night I tried my hand at making lasagna for the first time. I was a little skeptical and a little nervous since I had never made it before. I found a recipe for Whole Wheat Turkey and Vegetable lasagna! It turned out great. Go HERE to get the recipe. You have to check out all of Caroline's other amazing recipes at chocolate & carrots!

 The ricotta mixture
 Yummy sauce
 My husband grabbed the camera when he got home from work. Thanks to him, you have to see me looking like this! Putting the lasagna together.
For some reason, blogger won't let me upload the finished product. I did run out of monzerella cheese so that is why the top layer is cheddar. It still tasted wonderful!

2. I cannot wait to go on vacation with my family! We spend a week together every summer and we always have so much fun! I have got to get off blogger and clean, wash clothes, pack, and get us ready to head to the beach! This year I will be heading to the beach 25 lbs lighter and with 5 inches more of hair!! haha! Excuse the throwback pictures, a few of them are even rough for me to look at. Thank you Lord for the gift of running and healthy eating!
 Beach 2010
 Beach 2009
Beach 2008
Beach 2007

3. My new kitchen has the perfect spot for a kitchen island. I am trying to decide which kind I want. We live in an older home with wood trim. We won't live here forever so I want it to be one that I will be able to use in the future too! Here is what i am thinking...
Home Styles Napa Kitchen Center

What do yall think?! Any other suggestions?