Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I recently joined Pinterest and had no idea what I was doing. I am bad about joining something and if it is not self-explanatory then I forget about it. I spent some time browsing Pinterest yesterday and I have figured out it's purpose! Woohoo! It's kinda f-u-n.
fabric idea for kitchen window treatment
 My first pin...Inspiration for my new kitchen window treatments! My wonderful husband is making the boards for me and we are going to wrap the fabric. I have two big windows and two small windows on doors in the kitchen! Any ideas of any other fabrics in the green/red color scheme?

HOW ABOUT THE CAROLINA BASEBALL TEAM?!?! What a run in the 2011 CWS and now we are officially the last team to win at Rosenblat and the first team to win at the new TD Ameritrade Park!! Needless to say, I am one proud Gamecock Alumnus!!!!!
I feel like a fairweather fan because yes, as big of a baseball fan as I am, I fell asleep last night and missed it. It was just as sweet this morning watching the highlights, but not exactly the same. Thank you husband for being considerate and not waking me up, but that was one time that I wouldn't have minded!

In other news, I recently won a giveaway from Christina at Hungry Meets Healthy. I won two boxes of Fiber One Brownie bars. They are delish!! Thanks girl!

The jump rope is missing...husband walked outside with it before I could snap a picture!

This past weekend we went to the husbands 10 year class reunion. It was a small private school with a class of about 40 people. They decided to do a cookout. It was fun meeting some old friends from high school and hanging out with some very close friends that we see all the time! :)
Before we that we are married my mom is no longer around to snap pictures of us every time we go somewhere. (Enter very aggravating self-timer function!)