Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Thing Thursday

1. I did not (x 1000) want to run this morning. Today was no different from any other day but I just didn't feel the urge to lace up my tennie pumps. I snoozed hard the alarm at least 111 times. Finally, I got up about 6:45. I procrastinated--played with my phone, got on the computer, lolly-gaged around the house. Then, I remembered, I ate a brownie with some ice-cream last night at church. Okay Okay, I have to run this morning and out the door I went.
Mile 1-8:33
Mile 2- 8:51
Mile 3- 9:07
Mile 4- 8:50
Average pace- 8:50
NEVER regret lacing your shoes up and hitting the pavement! I feel great now and ready to conquer the day!!

2. After finishing a great run, I was ready to eat. I usually have scrambled egg whites and a banana, a smoothie, or oatmeal for breakfast. Nothing sounded appetizing. I finally settled on this....
-1 cup of coffee brewed straight from my Keurig--man, i love that machine!!
-1 bowl of flavor packed oatmeal (this means with brown sugar, crumbled pecans, a few drizzles of honey, dried cranberries, cinnamon, a scoop of all natural peanut butter, and a few sprinkles of ground flax seed--It turned out to be a pretty good choice if I do say so myself.

3. Two days until my birthday, whoot whoot! Looking forward to a fun weekend!