Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three Thing Thursday

1. I was up at 6:10 this morning. It has been harder for me to stay on my early to rise, early to bed schedule with nowhere to be during the day! I have been getting up at 7-7:30ish and then heading out for my run, but it is just to dern h-o-t-t! This morning I was up, out of the house, and done with my 6 miler before 7:30! Hooraahh!
6 miles- 57:58
9:28 pace!
Run felt great this morning after some serious soreness in my legs from those wonderful weighted squats and lunges I did before spin class on Tuesday!

2. I am quite a few days into summer and still haven't had any luck finding any school counseling positions in my area. Keep praying for me. As of now, I am going to try not to feel guily when my husband leaves at 5:30 am for the gym then work, doesn't get home until 6, and meanwhile I am lounging by the pool! =) I do have a part time job once or twice a week, that counts for something right?!
As a matter of fact, I think I am getting ready to head there as we speak!

3. I don't read much for pleasure at all. I spent most of my time reading textbooks while in graduate school and it turned me against reading. Although I have never been a big reader, I needed a few books to accompany me on the honeymoon. My current read that I haven't finished yet is Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt. I read a blog review on this book and decided to give it a shot! It's been pretty good so far, kinda sad, and I am not into sad books or movies! Hopefully it will have a wonderfully happy ending!
Next up on my summer reading list....Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin and I cannot wait dive into this one!

It's almost the weekend friends, hang in there!