Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Running season

With a little peer pressure from a friend, I am officially registered for my first race of the fall running season. I will be running the 2nd Annual Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon on October 23. I ran the race last year and it was blast; well organized, nice hardware, awesome volunteers, great music, and a great afterparty! I am looking forward to this one already. (PS- It was really weird registering with a new last name, haha).

I scored one of these last year, I hope they change it up a bit but do something equally as cool!

I am very disappointed that I will not be able to run the Inaugural Savannah Rock-N-Roll Marathon this November. It falls on the weekend of my husband's family reunion and his family all come to where we live. I don't want to be a bad wife the first year we are married! EVERYONE is running this race and I have heard how awesome this series of races are and I am totally bummed.

I am looking for another marathon to do as I am going to continue to train with my running girlies as they train for Savannah. I want to do Disney but I dont know if I will be able to, depending on if I land a school counseling job or not. Any other suggestions?!

Oh, by the way, I blogged about our honeymoon. You can read about it and see pictures here! If it didn't take so long to add pictures on blogger, I would have put up a ton more! Enjoy! WE SURE DID!