Saturday, June 18, 2011

1 Month ago...

...from today I married the most awesomest, wonderful, loving, and supportive man a gal could have! We are adjusting well and loving married life. Adjusting well, that is, except for who gets all the covers at night and me wanting to do what I have always done and sleep in the middle of the bed! :) King size bed, you are going to be our first major purchase as a married couple!!! =)

Happy 1 Month to us!
PS-I promise to blog about the wedding after I get back. I dont have any professional pictures yet, but I have tons and tons from wonderful friends and family! So sit tight, they will be coming soon.

As for today, it begins our second vacation of the summer! The honeymoon doesn't count, it was a given! =) We are vacationing with my family and it is a week every summer that we look forward to!!

I started my vacation week off with an 11 mile run with MissyB! We finished in 1:45 and about a 9:32 pace. Missy is usually faster but she hung with me today, thanks girl for the great run!

Friends, have a wonderful weekend!!!