Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Recap

Whoa, I've been a busy little bee here lately! I love having something to do now but it seems I got a little use to having all that free time and now I feel like I have NONE!

The husband and I had a fun weekend in Charleston this past weekend! One of my friends whom I've probably known the longest got married this past weekend! I think this concludes the bridesmaid duties for a while, whew! It's been nonstop the past few years!!!

 Friday night kicked off the festivities with the rehersal and then the rehersal dinner at Harbour Club in downtown Charleston! GW and JW had a beautiful wedding at John Wesley UMC in Mt. Pleasant and then the reception was held at the Charleston Aquarium. It was a very unique and beautiful place for a reception! Watching them together this weekend and experiencing her wedding weekend with her made me want to go back and live mine all over again! It all went by so fast and I wish I could savor each moment just one more time!! 

I was preoccupied all weekend so not a lot of running took place and I consumed more junk food than I have in a while! Holy tummy ache on my run this morning! I had to cut from 13 mi down to 7 and then after 7 I still was a mile away from my house. I had to walk the last mile home and if you know me you know that RARELY ever happens. I finished with a 10:05 per mile pace. Better luck tomorrow I hope!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend! 

Bridesmaids with the bride

the bride to be!

the husband
awww...3 amigos?!?

at the aquarium, so neat!
moi, husband, & high school friend M!



love. this.

where the dance floor was located


adpi <>

silly boys


thank you for beating vandi and for giving me another heart attack

loved this idea...she had disposable cameras beside the boards on the table for people to take pictures

towards the end of the night, haha

Congrats G & J!!!