Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free time...

is now few and far between because I now officially have a full-time job! It is not using what I got my master's in unfortunately but it is the next best thing! 

I am working full-time at an upscale clothing boutique that sells designers such as Alice & Trixie, Trina Turk, Milly, Nicole Miller, Lilly Pulitzer, Fifteen-Twenty, Three Dot, AG, by Smith, and I could keep going and going. It's soooo nice to be back on a schedule (similar to the husband's) and have extra money to spend on these designer's lovely clothing items!! :) 
Hopefully i will end up making a little money and not look like this each day after work!! :)

The only downside---working on Saturdays again which will totally screw up my long runs with my friends. I love retail; I have 7 years of experience; but I got quite use to having all weekends off this year when I was not working and finishing up school. So, my whole schedule is going to have to be revamped and all of my runs are going to have to be completed by about 7am.

Eventually I will be able to work my schedule out and get my runs straight but for right now it looks like I may not be signing up for a marathon this fall and that makes me sad.

I am very thankful for this opportunity seeing as i was going extremely stir crazy only working twice a week for 4 hours at the time before. I am a totally on-the-go busy bee type person and sitting at home was driving me crazy!!! 

So, I will still be reading and looking at blogs but I won't be updating quite as much until I get my schedule worked out!! This week is going to be a busy one, well it already has been!! Looking forward to seeing Hairspray at our local theater tonight, I love going to plays!!!

Much love,