Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

12 mile run this morning....1:53:30  (9:28 avg pace)
Hello!!! I have been MIA for far too long in the blog world! I have still been trying to read but I haven't had time to be creative and really post whats on my mind because I've been so gosh darn tired. 

Between working full time and not getting off till 6, working on Saturdays, playing softball 2 nights a week, birthday celebrations, and trying to stay on top of my training schedule, it has been crazy busy!

I have not been doing a good job balancing everything these days. I guess I will blame it on those 4 months of freedom with nothing really to do!!!

Since I have been gone, I have moved up in the world a little bit and got one of these snazzy babies!!!
I am not a fan of technology because usually it screws me over. I never have to have the latest and greatest of any technology [unless it has to do with running-Garmin 610, you are next on the list!!]. 
 My wonderful sister got an Iphone and let me play words with friends on hers and I fell in love! Sooooo, off to Verizon I went! I was due for the upgrade thank goodness because there is no way you would everrrr get me to pay $700 for a stupid phone!!! 
Moral of the story.....I NEED SOME APPS! Any suggestions?!?!
first picture with the camera!

We had a good weekend but busy weekend! I ran 8 miles with friends Saturday morning before work. I had my first running mishap! One second I was running and the right side of my body was planted on the cement sidewalk! I think I tripped over an uneven part of the sidewalk! No major injuries thank goodness but it s sure did hurt. I am proud to say I got right back up and ran 4+ more miles! 

Saturday night we enjoyed dinner outside on our patio! I love being able to do that now that the weather is cooler! Sunday we headed to church, sunday school, and then Mom, sis, and I were off to the Merry Marketplace Christmas show were I officially started my Christmas shopping! I can't believe its already that time!! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!