Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesday...the Salon

After leaving the bridal brunch, we headed straight to the Salon (yes, it is called "the Salon") for hair appointments to begin beautifying ourselves  accentuating our natural beauty! 

I loved being at the salon with my mom, sister, and all of my family and friends. That part of the day was so much fun and by far the most relaxing! This part of the day was the least nerve wracking part of the day for me! After we hit the church it was like boom, Hello sweaty palms and nervous pacing.

 Just a shot of Pepto for a queesy stomach bride whose scared her stomach may act up at the wrong time!


 That's cute, go with that!

 Hello, Bride!

 My motha did my makeup! I was so scared to let anyone else do it! She was nervous her hand would shake the whole time! It turned out beautiful!!!!
 The beginning stages!

 The end result! I LOVED the way my hair looked! All that time it took to grow my hair out long was TOTALLY worth the end product!! :) Now I am attached to my long hair!
Next, it is off to the church to finish make-up, take a few pics, grab some snacks, and sit around and be nervous until 5:00!!!!!