Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday...Just hours before

After we got all dolled up at the hair salon we headed straight to the church to put our last minute touches on hair, makeup, and then we all slipped into our dresses for pictures! Everything was going so smoothly until Mom forgot her makeup bag was sitting on the counter at the salon. {She freaked...Mom was doing my makeup and had not finished it completely while we were at the salon.} Luckily my aunt lives .25 seconds from the salon and was still at home so she swung by and picked it up. Whew, that was a close one.

We did some pictures with my photographer of just me then the girls and then she did pictures with just Charlie and then him and his groomsmen.

By this time I was getting really impatient. I was ready to go ahead and get the show on the road. I even remember asking one of the church employees if we could go ahead and start early...haha. We were all just sitting around waiting....and waiting...and waiting for what felt like such a looooong time. In reality, we had about an hour or so of downtime. Here are some pictures we took during our "girly" time right before the ceremony.

moments before putting my dress on


gorgeous picture of my mom, her expression sums it all up

my funky shoes and beautiful jewels

the essentials

charlie sent me a little gift...raybans...i lost my kenneth cole aviators during my bachelorette weekend

one of the mother's bouquets

my gorgeous bouquet

cousin sara and i

little miss kaylee grace

i'm ready...let's do this

one of my favorites

thanks mom for everything..i hope you enjoyed this day as much as I did!

All of the above pictures were taken by my cousin's fiance. Visit her photography page HERE

putting on the dress for the first time at the church

stepping into my shoesies

a happy, excited, nervous smile

attempting to take it all in..i wanted to savor every singe moment

mom helping with my her veil....yes, such a sentimental part of the day. i am so glad i chose to wear her veil.

cute!...although i am not sure what the face is for.

now starts the waiting game. i took my dress back off after pictures because i did not want to sit around in it

girl talk

This time was so special to me because it was the time I got to spend with the girls in my life that mean the most to me!! Although I was nervous and had so much going through my mind, I cherished every single second spent getting ready and being with my family and friends.