Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Thing Friday

I haven't done a five thing Friday in a while and I have quite a few things on my mind so let's go!

1. {Warning, I need to scream vent--sorry!} I am a runner as you probably have already figured out! I love running and everything about it! What I don't love, however, are those individuals who have no respect for running. Every morning I go for a run I get pushed off the road at least 10+ times. I know I don't own the road, but people come on, have some respect! I at least deserve an inch of space to run on. If there is no one in the other lane, then you could spare me 2 inches! [I run early so there usually not anyone in the other lane.] Confession- I threw my hands up at a car this morning who literally ran me off the road and I was running on the shoulder already. Grrrrrrrrr!!! Rudeness!!!! Whew, okay, I feel better!
2. I made dinner one night last week for my parents. I made homeade crabcakes with a spicy mustard sauce, spinach and arugula salad with a homeade balsamic dressing, and a Key "Light" pie. It turned out good but my dad, poor thing, he eats a lot and he might have left a little hungry!

3. I think my fall running accessory this fall is going to be compression socks!! I hope they will help my legs, especially during longer runs. I may sport them at my fall races when it gets cooler--that way my legs will stay warmer and I will get the benefit of recovery afterwards. I just got my first pair--Nike Dri-Fit Compression Socks
4.  It is Friday!!!! WooHooo! I did my long run this morning--13 miles! I love when it is a shorter long run week! It is definitely much needed after running 19 last Saturday! I am headed to Charleston this weekend for a bachelorette party! We have been friends since we were in middle school and I am looking forward to celebrating her this weekend! I couldn't fathom waking up at 4 am and running 13 miles tomorrow and then staying out all night! Glad I got my long run in early!! I am planning on doing either a few miles tomorrow or some time on the bike and then YOGA!

5. We are getting free Chick-Fil-a tomorrow morning!! I love when they do this promotion! What a great way to say thanks to their customers. I will be enjoying a spicy chicken biscuit tomorrow morning! I love breakfast food and I try to always eat a healthy hearty breakfast but it is just too hard to turn down chick-fil-a (especially when it's free!!)

Happy Weekend!!!!,