Friday, May 20, 2011

Big tents and one beautiful space

Wow, tomorrow is the big day! Don't have much time so this is going to have to be short and sweet! This week has been pretty calm up until yesterday. BRAVO delivered the tents, tables, chairs, and paper lanterns to the Yarborough's yesterday. I started my day yesterday at 5am to be in Darlington for an interview. After that, I went and got mom and sis, and we headed to the Yarborough's to help out. Chastity came out to the house to look at the space and show us the portrait and guestbook (LOVE)! Then for me, it was off to get nails done, toes done, and have a massage! (Thank you very much to soon to be sis-in-law! After all of that pampering, we headed back the Yarborough's to make sure everything was in its right place. We also had to go to P-Co to pick up 55-dozen awesome monogrammed cookies for the candy table (SO yummy). Then, it was back to the Yarborough's to meet with the Starks to talk about the flowers. WHOA, yesterday was long and tiring. Sorry, no pictures, it was just too busy to even worry about a camera! I am SO LUCKY to be joining such an amazing family and I can't thank them enough for letting us have our reception in their backyard! It felt so special to be setting up for this event in such a familiar area, one that we cherish and spend lots of time at! =)
 I didn't sleep too good last night for some reason so I am still feeling a little tired today. I will be missing everyone while I am gone, but I will catch up when I get back from the honeymoon!