Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Thing Friday

Okay, So I am still new to the whole blogging world, but I have had so much fun reading the blogs that I have come across! A lot of bloggers do different themes, which is very neat, so here goes my first "Five Thing Friday"!!

1. I started packing for my honeymoon two weeks ago. I know, I wanted everything I took to be brand new, so I have a big stash of stuff that is in the "can't be worn until the honeymoon" pile. So I figured I would go ahead and start packing! Well, I left my suitcase open the other day, and this is what I found...
Cute little Cami girl wants to go to Jamaica with us!

2. Um yeah, with all this wedding hoopla, I seem to keep overlooking the fact that I am GRADUATING TOMRROW!! Woop Woop! I will officially be a graduate of the University of South Carolina Graduate School with my Educational Specialist Degree in Counselor Education

3. Last night, Char and I drove to Columbia for my Cohort's Graduation dinner at Mellow Mushroom in the Vista! It was so much fun to celebrate with everyone. Congrats yall!!

4. It is almost Mother's Day and I love my Mom so much. Without her, this wedding would not be planned to a T! She has helped so much while I have been busy busy busy with grad school! Thanks Mom! You are the best!!

5. Ok, so you all know I have a shopping problem. Since graduate school is over and I lost my job at Handpicked bc it closed, I made the ultimate decision to head back to Express during the summer while I look for a counseling job in the schools. WHAT A MISTAKE! All I do at work is shop, shop, shop and help other people shop!! I knew going back to work there, I would not make any money because I would spend it all there, but thats okay, I love the summer whites and tans that are in right now. We got an extra discount today, so here is what i purchased!