Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today marks the 1 week point! Time has passed very quickly and we are so very excited!! I did my last long run this morning with the girls for a few weekends. I am going to enjoy the rest, relaxation, and rejuvination while in Jamaica. Hopefully upon returning, I will be ready to go again!

We are returning from our honeymoon May 28, probably around 11 or so at night. There is a Memorial Day 10k and 5k sponsored by St. Anthony's Catholic Church on that following Monday (Memorial Day). I registrered for this race last year but couldn't do it because of work. I want to do it, but will I be able to handle it?! I have NO idea if I will run in Jamaica and if I run, how much I will run?!

SO, I am debating registering, but I HATE registering for a race last minute. Yall know, we all run for the t-shirts, right?! I hate the thought of running and not getting a shirt. =) We will see! I am only planning on taking 3 running outfits to Jamaica-frankly, that is all I have room for!

UPDATE: I am still somewhat CALM! I will do a few more updates if I have time next week, but im thinking the freak-out may start come Tuesday when Mom's vacation from work starts and we spend way too much time together getting everything ready. Man, I love her, but she stresses!!!!

Its a beatiful day friends, enjoy every minute of it!

Beautiful hydrangeas-my wedding flower= LOVE!