Monday, May 16, 2011

Going to the chapel

Wow! 5 days left on the countdown! I can remember back on December 25, 2009 when I made the countdown, there were 485 days to go. How in the world do we only have 5 days left?! AHH! We have been waiting for this day since September 7, 2006 when we went on our first date!

This morning I woke up knowing I wanted to get a good run in. I thought about maybe 5 miles would be good. Then, I decided to truck on over to the hilliest neighborhood in our town to do hill repeats. Well, my thoughts were just a flowing so my 5 mile run ended up being a 10 mile run with 6 miles being hill repeats. What an awesome way to calm down the wedding week jitters!! I did 10 miles in 1:35, averaging about a 9:31 per mile pace! Not too shabby after a 13 miler on Saturday!

This weekend was busy, but fun! We opted out of Charlie's work (GE) family day event at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. They were also going to be tubing down the Saluda River. I hate that we missed it, but we felt we needed this weekend to get organized. I did attent my BFF from high school's wedding shower and that was fun. It is always good to see friends I don't get to see everyday! Wow, and then I will see them all again this weekend, horahhh!!

My poor daddy thought his birthday (May 18) was going to get overlooked this year! But, we had him a get-together last night with family to celebrate! Pizza, lemon cake, and sherbert ice-cream to go along with the shabang! (Another reason why I ran 10 miles today! :) We took a few pics but I am being lazy and not putting them on my computer right now. It's okay for me to feel lazy about that sort of thing this week, right?!

What I am loving today is anything nautical! Hince my navy and white stripped shirt and yellow skirt I wore to the shower on Saturday!
Happy Day yall!!