Friday, February 10, 2012

I am a big...

BABY. Yes, I will be the first one to admit it too. I hate blood, guts, and I especially hate going to the doctor. It just isn't my thing. I get nervous, my palms get sweaty, and my blood pressure shoots through the roof! I guess you could call it "white-coat" syndrome. I inherited the wimpiness from my Dad actually, he does the same thing.

So, this morning I had a doctor's appointment mainly because I needed a family doctor. I hadn't been oh in 345623 over 6 years. Oops! I love being healthy!! 

I have been having some issues though with my hair. I started noticing back in May of 2011 that I was loosing a lot more hair than normal and it hasn't really gotten any better. Last May also = graduating with my masters, planning a wedding, looking and interviewing for jobs. Stressed out much?!?! 

Now, I still don't have a job and we have started paying a big chunk of change each month to my student loans. More stress?!?!

Needless to say, I am not sure what is causing my hair issue but I wanted to get some bloodwork done just to make sure everything was okay. After 2 hours at the doctors office this morning, I can gladly report that everything came back normal. I am still waiting on the results of the thyroid test and one other test but he said he doubted I had any thyroid problems. So, who knows why my hair is falling out, but I hope it gets better soon! Could it be that I am getting OLD?!?!? Surely NOT! :) Any suggestions on what may help my hair issue is greatly appreciated!

After getting home from the doctor and doing some errands I totally just felt like vegging out-veggie style! 

This salad was delish! Spinach, mushrooms, cucumber, tomatoes, a few bacon bits, yellow bell pepper, onion, feta cheese, black and green olives, broccoli  and I topped it off with fit and active sun dried tomatoe dressing. It was so good!

I am totally addicted to greek yogurt too! Such a great addition to a healthy lunch!!

 Sporting my new Lilly scarf! See, I do have some hair still on my head!

Now, I am off to meet my mom for a few errands and then off to enjoy dinner with my family! I may end up doing a 5k tomorrow morning so here's to hoping I will be able to run well! 

Cheers to Friday, my friends!!