Monday, February 13, 2012

Ebenezer Miles for Missions 5k Race Recap

The alarm clock went off at 6:15 on the cool Saturday morning and snoozed as I thought about how nice it would be to stay in my warm cozy bed for another hour. It didn't help that the husband was snoozing away beside me. Instead I got myself up, ate a banana with peanut butter, got dressed, and waited on my sister to get to my house and off we went to a local 5k!

Ebenezer Baptist Church held the 1st Annual Ebenezer Miles for Missions 5k and 12k race to benefit their upcoming mission trips on Saturday February 11, 2012! I love supporting local causes like this! It is totally worth every penny of the race fee and then some!

We got there at about 7:20ish. It was not very well organized. I usually preregister for all my races but I was on the fence about even doing this one because of the marathon next weekend, so I hadn't registered yet. The race day registration was quite a mess and lots of people trying to register at one time. Note to self: Register before race day!

and we are off...there is me in the left corner

We started pretty much on time and the race course was an out and back course so we ran over the same overpass twice. Hello incline! It wasn't too steep though. 

Mile 1: 7:03

I felt good at Mile 1. We ran through a neighborhood and as we were finishing the first mile we turned and as we were coming back through we began running into runners who were coming into the neighborhood. That was a bit annoying because there were people all over the road. 

Mile 2: 6:51

I apparently felt great during mile 2! Ha! I did have to stop right after I finished mile 2 because my shoe came untied. I debating on tying it but I knew I didn't need to risk getting hurt before next weekend. So, I stopped. I probably lost 5-6 seconds off my time and I was really running good at that point.

i look quite like a dork in this picture but i swear i was running my little heart out!
Mile 3: 7:13

I felt like I ran the last 1.1 miles a lot faster than what my watch showed. Maybe it was the downhill of the overpass but I would have put money on a sub 7. Oh well, still totally pleased with how I ran!!

focusing...turning the corner to the finish
Finish time = 21:50

Average of 7:03 per mile

A new 5k PR for me!! Super excited! 

I received a very cool plastic mug that the top was messed up on for all of my hard work and 2nd place overall finish! Only one person finished in front of me and if I hadn't had to tie my shoe at the end I may have been on his heels!

belinda caught me doing what i do best

Overall a great race for such a great cause!! No better way to spend a Saturday morning!