Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Re-Cap 2011- Christmas Eve

Wow, what a busy Christmas season! It was a good one but very busy and a little different than normal. With it being our first Christmas, we weren't sure how we were going to juggle both families and being in 10 different places in the span of 24 hours! It did all work out though and we had a great holiday. 

I started Christmas eve morning out with a 13 mile run with Stacey, Sandy, and Brian. It was a great run and a beautiful morning!

I then headed home, showered, and headed to the hospital. My poor grandmother was experiencing some irregular heartbeats and ended up spending Christmas in the hospital and having to have a pacemaker put in. We are very thankful that she is home and recovering well now. Then we headed to my Aunt's to eat lunch at 1:00 before heading to church for the 4:00 Christmas Eve Service. 

After Church, we headed to the husband's parents house for dinner and our gift game with his dad's side of the family. 

 After dinner and gifts, we quickly made our way back to my Aunt's house for dessert and our gift game! 


 Finally, we headed home to get some rest so Santa could visit! (It made me tired just typing this out and it's only half of it!) 

 Christmas Day Recap coming soon!