Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Re-Cap 2011- Christmas Day

This year the husband and I spent our first married Christmas together. This meant running around like crazy people trying to make it to both families get-togethers! 

bright and early Christmas smile!
excuse the half asleep look

husband made this medal hanger for me!!
 Christmas morning we woke up at 5:45 and opened two presents and then exchanged stockings. Then we gathered up our gifts and headed to my parents at 6:30 for Christmas morning and to see if Santa visited! :) Yes I am 27, married, and Santa still visits. What can I say, I believe!!

By 8:30 we were off to the husbands grandmothers for breakfast. 

Then after breakfast, we headed back to my parent's house for my mom's annual brunch. 

Cousin love
my little fam
 After brunch, we went back to husband's grandmothers for lunch and gifts. 

cute KG! She loved her boots!
D got the gag gift this year!! :) so funny!
the husbands family

christmas at mammy's

cute cute!!
 After lunch and gifts, we headed over to husband's parents house to do Christmas with just his immediate family. 

Then we headed to the hospital to see my grandmother and spend some time with her.

After that we headed home to do the rest of our Christmas together and then changed into comfy clothes and headed back over to my mom's house to relax. We would have normally gone to my grandmothers for dinner, but decided to wait to do Christmas with that side of the family until she was out of the hospital and feeling better. (Ive never had a family member in the hospital during Christmas before, and it was sad to see her there. Thank you to all who sacrifice their time with families to take care of those who are sick! It is much appreciated!)

WHEW, are you tired yet?!

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas with loved ones!!