Friday, March 30, 2012

Five Thing Friday

Happy Friday!!! I love Friday's!

1. I was super excited about getting these babies in the mail this week. I have already taken them out for a 5 miler and they are comfy and best of all; they make me look fast!! :)

2. I got another package in the mail yesterday. I finally scored the navy and coral Old Navy sailboat top that bloggers everywhere have been raving about!! I LOVE it!! I can't believe how much it looks like the Milly version without the Milly pricetag!! I think I will be wearing it to dinner tonight!

I also snagged this little tank! What a great tank for the hot South Carolina summer!


I NEVER shop at Old Navy but they won me over with these two items! Way to go ON!

3. Missy and I have plans to run 11 tomorrow. The 10 miler last week was hard so I am a little nervous. It is amazing how after running a marathon and taking a few weeks with no long runs that coming back and running 10 miles seems like the longest run I have ever done! 

4. Oh yeah, I scored another sweet dress this week. We have a new local boutique that is just opening up and L and I went and checked it out! I think I am going to wear this to church on Easter Sunday!

 5. The pupster is still doing great!! We love him to pieces! He has definitely stolen our hearts, that's for sure!!

Patton just "hanging around" with my sister and I! 

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!!!,