Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A new number..

This morning I attended a beginner's crossfit class to learn the 9 foundational movements. 

I stayed after the class to my first actual wod. I did do one several months ago. It was amrap in 7 minutes of ground to overhead press and I was able to pick my weight. I started pretty low so I could get the hang of it.

Then, amrap in 5 minutes of hand stand pushups. Yeah. Right. I did the modified version and still sucked at it! But hey, that is why I am doing crossfit. I know I do not do enough strength training in my weekly routine so it is time to amp it up!

I enjoyed it. So many of my friends do crossfit and they have been peer pressuring me to join for a long time and I finally gave in!

So, while I was waiting around for the class to start I spotted a scale. 

I have been meaning to weigh myself when I go to the gym but the scale is in the back of the locker room and I always forget! Just out of curiously, I hopped on it! 

O-M-G! Did I just read that right?! I am down 5 lbs from the last time I weighed and I couldn't be happier!

I tend to put on weight when marathon training so I decided to take advantage of this time and get some of this "marathon weight" off. Who would have thunk it? Marathon = gain weight...Really?! 

I have been calorie counting, cutting out carbs late in the day, amping up my intake of veggies, and splurging when necessary! :) (Easter candy is definitely a weakness of mine, FYI.)

This little baby has been my lifesaver! I have NEVER counted calories until I started using this app on my phone. Wow, I never knew how fast calories added up. My habit of grazing is not a good one!  I have learned a lot by calorie counting and I do think it is extremely important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle! My name on myfitnesspal is BrittLizz1102! Add me!!

That's all I got for today! Happy Hump Day!!,