Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Newest Addition

Yes, We have a new addition in our family! The husband and I are no longer a twosome! No, I did not have baby! Well, sort of. I kind of rescued a furry baby!


Born January 14, 2012

General Patton!! We are probably just going to call him Patton! He is an 8 week old malti-poo! We love the little fella already despite keeping us up all night whining. 

It was kind of a whirwind decision. Since I am at home not working right now we figured we would get one because I would be home most of the day and able to take care of him.

I drove 3 stinkin hours to get him and he still had the nerve to keep me up all night! ;) We are in for a long few weeks.

My husband grew up with outside dogs and I grew up with cats so having a little fluffball inside our house is going to be a challege. We are determined to set rules and enforce them because we dont want all of our new furniture and things to get messed up!

 Checking out his new home for the first time!

He is adjusting well but we really are going to have to work on nighttime routine. Any suggestions about how to train or work with small dogs is welcome because we literally are first time parents and are clueless! 

Happy Tuesday!,