Monday, April 4, 2011

Putting on "the dress"

Yesterday I took my bridal portraits. The day turned out to be such a fun day! I started the day off not so good when my hairstylist didn't show up for my 11:30 hair appointment at the salon. After a few frantic phonecalls, several voicemails, and a trip back home to do makeup, she finally called us back. We finished makeup, headed back to the salon, and everything worked out! I LOVED my hair, my makeup, and being able to finally see it all come together for pictures! I cant wait to see them all! Sorry, no pictures for this post! Invitations go out today, how crazy is that?!?! This thing is really going to happen!!! Getting more and more excited as the days pass! Oh yeah, and only three more weeks of my internship too. Thrilled to be almost done!!!!