Sunday, March 27, 2011

My fear of obstacle courses...

has been overcome!! Yesterday, March 26, 2011 I ran the Palmetto State O-Run Team Challenge to benefit the SCSheriffs Association! It was a 4 person team effort as we raced 4 miles through the woods conquering about 30 obstacles along the way! I was sort of a last minute fill in for the "Fitalicious" team. We had a blast and finished in 50:50. The fastest team was an all guys team who ran it in 40 minutes. We placed 31 out of 179 teams and fished 2nd in the all girls category! Not to bad I dont think! If I had known sooner I was going to participate, I would have trained and been ready. The obstacles requiring upper body strength really slowed me down. The girls on my team all particpate in Crossfit and I am itching to be a part of that as well. Once life slows down for Charlie and I, we are going to try it out most definately! Overall, I was okay pleased with how I did and I had a blast and met some new friends!
 Before the race
 Showing off the socks
After the race