Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Feeling Blessed

Tomorrow is my last day of my internship, which means my last day of my graduate school career! I feel so blessed to be graduating in a few short weeks! I don't have much going on today, so I spent a little bit of time reflecting on the other reason I am feeling blessed: the outpouring of love and support that has been given to us by our friends and family during our "wedding season". I can't begin to tell you how loved we already feel and we are still one month and one day until the wedding day! From showers to partys to gifts in the mail, it is hard to express how thankful we truly are! Here are just a few highlights from all of the wedding festivities!! A big THANK YOU and HUG to all of those who have taken part!
Couples Shower/Oyster Roast- January 15, 2011

 Jordan, me, and K decked out in Judith March
Misc. Shower Given by Charlie's Aunts- February 27, 2011

Church Shower given by the ladies in Mom's Sunday School Class- March 6, 2011

Wedding Party at the Hyman's- April 2, 2011

GE Healthcare Party Hosted by Jeff and Mary Taylor- April 16, 2011
I did bad with taking pictures at this party, this is the only one we have, and its before we even got there! oh well, too much excitement!
This saturday I have my last shower, a monogram shower hosted by some of my girlies! I am looking forward to spending time with them! I will blog it this weekend! We truly have the most amazing family and friends any couple could as for!!