Monday, November 14, 2011

SC Pecan Festival Half Marathon Race Recap

On Saturday, November 5, I ran the SC Pecan Festival Run Like a Nut Half Marathon in my hometown. This race is in conjunction with the SC Pecan Festival that is held in the downtown streets of our town each year. Last year was the first year the half was offered in this race and I ran it and the year before I ran the 10k. The festival draws over 50,000 people bud sadly, the Run Like a Nut races only draw 100-150 people typically each year. This year they were competing with the Savannah Rock-n-Roll race and most of the running community in my town headed to Savannah. Sadly, I decided not to do Savannah because it is my husband's family "Pick-Pickin" weekend and everyone gets together for the weekend and celebrates and eats together all weekend. I hated to miss the big new race but I wanted to spend time with my new family especially considering many of them traveled to our wedding in May!

There was not much difference in the race this year and in years past. Nothing much changed...not even the shirts! Booo! It was pretty well organized and the Carolina Running Company did the timing and they did a great job! They are new in our area and the owners are good friends of ours and fellow runners in our community!

There were lots of volunteers and I am thankful for that because in small races it is hard to get good volunteers. There were several water stations with water and gatorade and I was pretty impressed by this. I think last year they only offered water. Overall, it was well run and I received a sweet medal to add to the collection along with a hat and a cup!

Thank the lord I ran 13.1 12.8 miles Saturday morning because I ate some jam up food at the reunion!!!
Back to the race....One thing I hate about this race is that the distance is never the full 13.1 miles!!! Ugh! I am too OCD for a race course that is not the complete distance but thats what you get sometimes in small town races. It was about 12.8. I would have PR'ed again if it had been the full distance but since it wasn't I am not going to let it count! (I need help for my OCD running tencencies!! :)

Official finishing time= 1:43:08

Pace per mile = 8:04

Yahoooo!!! I'll take it!!!

2nd Place Overall Female

 I look like I am about to die but I'm really not! One day I will take a good picture while running and actually open my eyes!!