Saturday, November 19, 2011

FloMus 5000 5k Race Recap

This morning I got up around 6:30, ate some oatmeal, put on my CWX running tights and a half-zip running top and headed out to a 5k to support our local museum. This is the third year in a row that I have participated in this race! 

It is always a good race. A local and fellow  runner, who is also a member of the Friends of the Museum, organizes this event and does a great job each year.

I typically always register early for races [I hate worrying about registering on race day and who wants to take a chance on missing out on the free t-shirt, right?!]. Isn't that why we run?! :) I got this Saturday off at the last minute kinda so I waited and registered this morning which turned out to be fine! 

I was really sad to see the turnout though. Only 25 runners came out to support our town and museum. Although the slim crowd, it was still a great race.

I was feeling good this morning, but I didn't know quite how good I was feeling! I had my best 5k race ever!! I looked at my first mile split on my Garmie and it said 6:50! WHAAAA. I thought I was seriously in for a  crash and burn session after starting out WAYYYY too fast! 

Second mile---7:14. Okay a little slower so thats probably better!

Mile 3- 7:05! Wow, what just happened here?! Oh well, you know, I just finished the race and PR'ed by over a minute and half!! Needless to say, I was pretty thrilled!!

Always sprinting it out at the end!
 I finished in 22:11!!! Average pace was 7:05! I am thrilled with the speed I have picked up!

Hanging out with some of the husband's coworkers after the race!
I also was the first female to cross the line. I won a pretty sweet bobble head runner girl trophy that will sit beside my other bobble head girl that I won for being first overall female in this race last year as well!

Overall winners!
Oh, and I also won three $10 gift certificates to Dicks!! Woohoo!

Overall, it was a wonderful morning for a run and a great race with fellow runners from our area!!