Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baseball and birthdays

Sorry I have been kind of MIA lately! What a busy weekend! Let's see...Friday I went to Columbia to meet my very sweet grad school friend Megan for lunch and then we headed to the Statehouse to watch the Gamecock Baseall National Championship parade. It was H-O-T and C-R-A-Z-Y crowded with tons of fans! What a way to welcome the team back to Columbia and celebrate an awesome feat for our university and our state!

Saturday was my *BIRTHDAY*! I had a great day started off by a 10 mile run with friends! When I got home this is what I found....
Homemade blueberry pancakes, turkey bacon, and fresh coffee!! Thanks hubs! We enjoyed the day together doing some things around our house and packing to get ready to spend a few days with friends at the beach! Saturday night we celebrated with all of my family!
 My mom made my absolute favorite dessert, Dump Cake, for my birthday per my request but she didn't want me to not have an actuall birthday cake so here it is, haha! It was a tiny little thing, but it was still pretty good but that dump cake was amazingly delish!

Saturday night after the party we headed down to the beach to stay at Lazy Dayz, our close friends' home at the beach. We absolutely love spending time with them and their family at the beach. They always make us feel like family! We did a lot of laying out, shopping, eating, chatting, and we even made several trips to the Yogurt Moutain like 2 minutes from the house. (PS- I am in love with this new yogurt craze that are these yogurt shops popping up everywhere!) Maybe I should quit looking for counseling jobs and open one of these in my hometown!
Monday I started the day off with a 7+ mile run (Garmie was dead) with Michael and the we hit the beach until we had to back home for the Annual Yarborough 4th of July party! We always look forward to this as we get to spend time with family and friends. I was sooooo bad this year and didn't take any pictures. Mom has a few on her camera but I don't have them so none for the ole blog! It was a fun time had by all! Happy Birthday America!!

I still have yet to blog about my family vacation and all of the wedding and its beautfulness....they are up soon.
Happy Wednesday!
Hello to all of my new bloggie friends! It's so much fun to "meet" new friends and enjoy each others joys and interests!