Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy with Birthdays...

July is the month for birthdays for me. It begins with mine on the 2nd. My hubster's is on the 8th, the sister's is on the 10th, and my sister-in-law's is on the 13th. Not to mention my parents anniversary is on the 2nd as well and my in-law's anniversary is on the 21st. Needless to say we have LOTS to celebrate in July! So Friday night we celebrated the hub's birthday with a dinner at Redbone and dessert and presents at OUR house! (The first time everyone has been to OUR house and we got to use our china...woohooo!!)

Then after celebrating Friday night, we headed back to the beach for the weekend! We have been TOTAL BEACH BUMS this summer and we are loving every minute of it!! We absolutely love spending the weekend with our closest friends soaking up the sun, relaxing, shopping, and eating some fabulous sushi. If you have never tried SoHo in Myrtle Beach, it is definately worth it!!

Yesterday when we got back into town we met my rents and sis for a little birthday dinner and today we are celebrating with the family with pizza, cake, and ice-cream. (Yes, I missed my run this morning so now it is too hot which means I am opting for the dreadmill as soon as this post is up!)
Happy 21st Birthday to my not-so-little-sis! 
Wednesday we will be celebrating the SIL's b-day at her preferred choice of restaurant and then birthdays will be over for a few weeks! Whew, I cannot handle all of this sweetness I am indulging in!!