Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family vacation

The hubs and I have been pretty lucky so far this summer as far as vacations go. Three weeks after the honeymoon we headed to the beach for family vacation with my fam, the once a summer rent a house that there is something always wrong with but still have a wonderful time anyways vacation! I grew up at the beach, my grandparents had a house from the time I was a baby. My beach trip always consisted of being on the beach! 
This week was no different. We spent each day from about 9 or 10ish until about 3 or 4ish in our beach chairs by the ocean (with the exception of one day we went in at 12 to do a little necessary shopping).

Aside from the many hours spent by the water, we cooked Beaufort stew, ate out a lot, went to a Pelican's game, watch a lot of Carolina baseball on tv, read some good books, enjoyed the Yum Yum shop's delish ice-cream, and enjoyed each other's company!
I also managed to run a total of 30 miles during our beach week! :) Somehow I still gained a few lbs. Oh well, it was worth it!
 This was Dads father's day dinner!
 "Are yall twins?"...."No maam, we are six years apart!"
 Cousins or beach bums?! Umm, both!
 I love it when family photo shots actually turn out good!
 You know, those people that I am related to with the newest addition!
 This was National Wear your Lilly Day!
Our beach set-up and new towels we got for a wedding gift! 
(Yes, I have a monogrammed beach chair)

I love family time at the beach! Charlie and I will be going on our third week long vacation soon with his side of the family. Vacation #3, here we come!