Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our First Easter

We had a wonderful first married Easter together. We began our morning with breakfast sandwiches and coffee while we got ready for church along with a little love from the baby! We headed to church and then afterwards we came back to our house with my sister and took a few pictures while waiting on my parents to get out of Sunday school. 

We headed to their house and visited for a while, ate a few sweets, took some more pictures, and then we were off to the husbands' grandmother's  house for lunch.

We got home from lunch and spent some time with the baby before going over to my aunt's for a wonderful easter dinner! Needless to say, I was tired of eating! PS- My aunt and uncle are caterers for a living and have up until recently had their own restaurant that was very well known in our area. What does that mean? That means my family can COOK! Well, everyone except for me that is ( oh yeah, and my sister too). 

We finished dinner and went and picked up the baby and headed back to my parents to rest and watch the Amazing Race together. It was a wonderful day!