Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Exciting news

On the eve of our 3rd anniversary, the husband and I began talking about having children. I was having issues with my birth control and I really just wanted to get off of it. I knew it would make me feel better. I also knew that after I accomplished my half-ironman race that I wanted to take a step back from training with the hopes of beginning our family. 

I most definitely want to go back to running and triathlon and it's not that I have completely stopped. I have slowed my intensity and length of training to give my body a rest. 

The week after my big race I decided to finish my birth control pack and not begin the next month. I felt like we were still in the talking stages of having a baby but if it happened it would be the right time.

Our anniversary trip to the Outer Banks came up May 23-26, 2014. I was supposed to start my period that weekend. I knew something was up. The next week came and still nothing. I decided to order a few pregnancy tests with my normal monthly order from I took one that next Thursday afternoon after the box was delivered and then took a second one the next morning.

I cannot believe I am getting ready to type this and I am still in some sort of shock and disbelief. They both read PREGNANT. The first read 3 weeks and the second read 3+ weeks. WOW, that was fast! I cannot believe how fast it happened. We were not trying and not planning, we just weren't preventing either.

It seemed like it took forever for Charlie to get home from work that afternoon. All I could do was giggle. I was so nervous to tell him (I think he already had an inkling anyways). We laughed, hugged, and then just kind stared at each other. Then we ordered pizza from Marco's to celebrate! 

It is June 11 today and I am still waiting to go to my confirmation appointment. I am having such a hard time lying to people and trying to cover this up. I cannot wait to tell my parents and sister. My appointment is next Wednesday, June 18th where I am guestimating they will tell me I am 7 weeks along. We leave to go on vacation next Saturday the 21st so I have no choice but to tell my family then. I would never ever be able to pull off a whole week at the beach with no drinking over on them. They would know immediately!

We are excited, thrilled, scared, nervous, anxious, and amazed to be expecting our first child (well 3rd if you count dog children!)

I have been feeling pretty tired, a little nauseous, and having period-like symptoms off and on throughout each day. Some days are better than others. I haven't been exercising because of work schedule and I just can't make myself get up at 5am anymore. Hopefully I will get that motivation back soon. I am done with work after next Monday so I will have plenty of time to begin running and swimming again. Hopefully a weights class and yoga also.

So Cheers!! (with a glass of sparking juice) to a new member of the Yarb's family! I can't wait to post more! I am hoping to begin belly pics as well to document but those wont start until I get official word from the doctor!