Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Third Wedding Anniversary Weekend

The weekend of Memorial Day (May 23-26) we headed to the Outer Banks to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. We had booked 3 nights at the Cape Hatteras Bed & Breakfast in Hatteras. 

The bed and breakfast was absolutely fabulous! It had a mini hotel feel with all of the rooms opening to the outside but still had the bed & breakfast feel as well. Perfect for us!

We arrived on Friday afternoon with just enough time to check-in, eat dinner at Diamond Shoals, and take an evening walk on the beach.

Saturday morning after breakfast we headed out on the road bikes to the end of Hatteras, jumped on a ferry over to Oakracoke Island, and then back over to Hatteras. The bike ride took almost all day because the ferry took way longer than we had anticipated. We ended up riding about 40 miles on the bike total. After we got back we got ready and headed to dinner at Rusty's Surf and Turf.

View from the back of the ferry

 Oakracoke Island

Some of the best shrimp and oysters ever!

Sunday we decided to be lazy all day and were literally beach bums! It was an absolutely beautiful day in Hatteras! Sunday night we ate dinner at The Sandbar & Grille. 

Monday we got up and went for a run before having our last breakfast and packing up. I think breakfast was my favorite part of the whole weekend. Virginia, the owner, knows how to cook up some amazing stuff!

We had a wonderful weekend and I still cant believe it has been three years!! We are looking forward to so many more.

The dogs stayed at Gma and Gpa Y's while we were gone and here is a little peek into how their weekend was...

Its official: they both LOVE the country!!