Sunday, April 6, 2014

The road to 70.3...

The road to my first 70.3 is slowly coming to a close. I registered for the 2014 White Lake Half Ironman distance on December 1, 2013. Since then, I have been thinking about swimming, biking, and running each and every day. 

The training has been tough, the weather has been fierce, and the emotions have run high but the friendships that I have made along with the laughter and some tears will all be worth it when I see the finish line next Saturday!

I haven't talked much about the race or done any blog posts simply because I just haven't wanted to find the time to blog. I do, however, want to remember every aspect and every detail about next Saturday. My friends will be racing with me and my husband and parents will be cheering me on along the way. I am so grateful for them and all that they have sacrificed so that I could spend the time training for this race!

As I go into this taper week my nerves are heightened but my confidence is as well. Today I completed my last long swim. It was an open water lake swim and the air temperature was right at 60 degrees. The water temp was about 61. I swam 1,863 yards, the longest swim so far in my wetsuit. I never freaked out and I never lost sight of my goal. One stroke at a time was all I was thinking. It makes a world of difference to end training with a confidence booster. My swim is definitely my weakest sport and I needed that today.

So, as I begin the last week of this journey, I am in hopes that I can focus, keep my confidence high, and enjoy the last part of the ride!