Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2nd Anniversary Weekend

A few weekends ago we took off to Kiawah Island to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! Our actual anniversary was on Tuesday but we both had to work all week so we decided to celebrate the weekend after. Friday, I left work around 3 and we hit the road to Charleston. We stopped at the Fat Hen to eat dinner before driving the rest of the distance to Kiawah. The Fat Hen was excellent, cute, and quaint. We enjoyed our dinner very much!
Saturday we got up, went to Freshfields shopping center to grab breakfast and coffee and the headed to the beach for the day. The weather was amazing! We had such a good time just relaxing on the beach. The beaches of Kiawah Island are beautiful surrounded by gorgeous homes and lots of nature trails. Biking is definitely the preferred means of transportation on the island. Next time, we will make room to take our bikes!
Then after a day full of fun in the sun, we headed back to get ready for our dinner in downtown Charleston. Because it was Memorial Day weekend, we had a hard time making reservations but finally decided on Blossom.
I enjoyed the drinks and the atmosphere at Blossom. I ordered the lamb sausage pizza and it was delicious and the husband ordered the steak. It was just so-so. For $30, I would expect a little more. Overall, we had a very nice anniversary dinner.
Sunday we slept in a bit and then packed our stuff. The husband went to Freshfields again to grab some breakfast and coffee. After we got ready, we headed downtown to do a little bit of shopping. Let’s just say I got into some serious trouble at Palm Avenue and lululemon! :)
After a late lunch at A.W. Shucks, we headed back to Florence for my cousins’ birthday party!
We had a great weekend and we plan to continue the anniversary trip tradition instead of giving gifts!
The baby had a fun weekend in the country while we were gone. He could barely keep his eyes open on the ride home.