Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lately and Mother’s Day Weekend 2013

Last Thursday, I graduated from the Provisional Status in our local Junior League chapter. I am excited to be an active and to participate as a co-chair for a night of the Holiday market. They gave us a service award and a small bouquet of flowers to say congrats!



Sometimes you just have to celebrate with some wine and cheese!


This weekend was pretty low-key which was fine by me! Friday afternoon after school, I met my friend Jennifer for a 15 mile bike ride. It felt great to be back on the bike, well, except my tush! It felt as though I was sitting on a concrete slab! I really need to get a seat cushion.

Saturday I got up pretty early and hit the pavement at 7:45 for a 10 miler. I have been doing 10 miles for my long runs lately just to keep a base. Although I have not been running nearly as much as I was, I do not want to loose the base of 10.

After I ran, my sweet baby and I headed to the pool. I snapped this of him as soon as we got home Saturday afternoon. A full day of sunning and swimming got the best of him!


Sunday I headed to church and to celebrate my wonderful awesome mom! We had a wonderful day celebrating her and how much she means to our family!!


We often get told we could be sisters! I so see it in this picture!


I also am a doggie mom and my baby had the perfect shirt to wear. He sported it proudly! He loves his mommy for sure, especially when she gives him treats and takes him to the pool and to doggy daycare!


It was a fun, relaxing weekend!

Cheers, Britton