Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time is...

flying by!!! I only have one more month before I finish my masters degree, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am. I have been doing my internship (aka working 40+ hours a week with no pay) since January and I am ready to be done! I cannot wait to begin my career as a school counselor!

And well, the wedding, exactly 2 months from this past Monday! Wow! I am very ready for it to be here!!

I knew I wouldnt have enough time to keep this blog updated with all that I have going on. I did COMPLETE my first marathon, and it is still hard for me to put in perspective how many miles I ran. I don't know that I have comprehended what I accomplished on that day, but it was a great day! I finished in 4 hours, 30 minutes, and 02 seconds and my goal time was 4 hours, 30 minutes! I am thrilled about that!

I already have an itch to run another one!!! After the marathon, I didnt take a lot of time off. There were quite a few local races coming up that I love to run (I like supporting local causes!) So here is a recap of the races that have run since I last blogged!!!

My next race is this weekend....The Palmetto State O-Run Team Challenge!! I am filling in for a friend and wasnt originally planning to do this! SO, I am nervous, but excited and looking forward to a fun race with friends!!

Finishing out 2010:

-November 20, 2010- Friends of the Florence Museum 5k- 24:08- 1st overall Female
-November 25, 2010- Hartsville Turkey Trot 5k- 23:45- 1st in Agegroup- new 5k PR

-Polar Bear 5k- January 22, 2011- Did not get to race. First time missing this race since it was started!
-Myrtle Beach Marathon- 4:30:02
-Trinity Collegiate School Titan Trot 5K- Having trouble locating my time- 1st in 20-29 agegrou
-McLeod 10K- 54:24- 2nd in agegroup