Saturday, December 21, 2013

Viva Las Vegas…


The week before Thanksgiving, we packed the suitcases and hit the road with several other couples. Our destination = LAS VEGAS!

The main reason for the trip was originally to run the Las Vegas Marathon. Halfway through the planning stages we decided to make the trip more about Vegas so we all transferred to the Half Marathon. Best. Decision. Ever.

On Thursday after I got off work, we drove to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and boarded a plane to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Las Vegas. We arrived in Vegas at around 11:00 at night (which is 2am) our time. I was exhausted to stay the least after working a full day and the almost another 6-8 hours of traveling. When we finally got to our hotel room, in the Sky Suites at the Aria, we all crashed hard!





Friday morning we got up at 6ish because our internal clocks were all messed up! We hit Starbucks and the a breakfast buffet and set out to see some sights!



First up…the expo! This was probably one of the better expos I have been to. It may have been because we went on the first day before it opened and got in line. There was room to walk and all of the vendors were spread out. You could actually shop! I am not usually a big shopper at expos but I bought myself a Brooks jacket with the Rock N Roll Las Vegas logo on it. The price tag was ridiculous but I may never do the race again so I had to have something to remember my experience!



We spent several hours walking around before meeting back up and riding the tram back to the hotel.

That night we hit up the Burger Bar for dinner and I had a delicious burger topped with a poached egg. It was an interesting combo and very yummy. The best though was their sweet potato fries!

Saturday we spent wandering around Caesar's Palace and all of the shops! We hit the hotel gym first thing and I got in a 3 mile run on the treadmill at an easy pace and then hit up the lounge at the Sky Suites for coffee. Our next stop of the morning was the brunch restaurant Wicked Spoon. It was wicked good! I am going to put it out there and say this is probably the most delicious buffet that I have ever eaten. (P.S – We were upgraded to the Sky Suites at check-in which provided us with a lounge each day full of bottled water, San Pelligrigio, coffee, and lots of treats like chocolate covered strawberries. It was amazing and we saved so much money just on water!-ahhhhmazing)









We walked and shopped all day and unfortunately I only made it halfway on the walk to dinner. I was not feeling well so we turned around and went back to the Aria. We did get some scrumptious pizza and enjoyed our hotel view of Vegas all lit up before I passed out asleep.

Up next = Sunday = race day! This deserves a post in itself so stay tuned!