Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our First Anniversary Weekend

 I have been so horrible at blogging! I am trying to catch up. So, I am backing up to May! :)

May 19th marked the beginning of our anniversary weekend! I started it off with a 10k race and the husband started it off with class. Great start for me and not so great for hubby but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! 

He met me at the wedding and I rode with my parents! We stayed at The Wilcox House in downtown Aiken, SC! It was a very cute, historic bed and breakfast! The reception was also at the Wilcox which was nice!! Congrats to Laura and Jason! We had a great time at the wedding!!

On Sunday Morning we got up and enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the Wilcox House before hitting the road to Lake Lure, NC for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary.

We arrived on Sunday around 3:00ish and settled in before heading out to dinner. After dinner, we just relaxed on our balcony overlooking the lake.

Monday morning we got up early and made our way to Chimney Rock to do some hiking! We have been wanting to go hiking for a while but this hiking was not quite as we expected.

One Word...Stairs!

We got in a pretty decent workout climbing all those stairs! I used muscles I didnt know I had! Here are some views from our hike.

 We took this photo of the beautiful American flag because it reminded us of our dear friend Chad who is serving his second term in Afghanistan. His company recently was attacked by a suicide bomber and he lost three of his soldiers. We have been saying extra prayers for him and all that were affected. Love ya buddy and can't wait for you to come home!

 Hot and tired at this point!

A beautiful waterfall to end our hiking adventure! We headed to the small shopping center at the base of Chimney Rock for some cold icecream!

That night we went to a nice italian dinner before heading home on Tuesday morning! My wonderful husband took an alternate route on the way back and we made a pit stop for a few hours at Southpark Mall in Charlotte! We enjoyed some shopping and froyo before heading home to Flo-town!

We didn't pull out our wedding cake top until a few days after we got back. It was still just as good as it was in May of last year!

We had a wonderful anniversary and are looking forward to many, many more!!